Welcome to Llantrisant

Llantrisant is a town in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, within the historic county boundaries of Glamorgan, Wales, lying on the River Ely and the Afon Clun. The town’s name translates as The Parish of the Three Saints. The three saints in question are St Illtyd, St Gwynno and St Dyfodwg. Llantrisant is a hilltop settlement, at an altitude of 174 m (565 ft) above sea level.

Llantrisant Online is Llantrisant’s first ever online community. Originally sponsored by the Llantrisant Town Trust, the website is now completely independent and impartial. Llantrisant Online has always been pioneering; Church Minister Vivian Parkison was one of the first ministers in the world to blog using this website, and it was only the second site in the world to use the Circle of Friends social networking system, years before it was adopted by bigger sites, such as Friendster, MySpace and Facebook, as you can see from the following news article:
Website Taps Into Town History

Llantrisant is free for anyone to join. However, before you do, make sure you read our ethos to make sure it is the community for you, one where the rights you enjoy reflect the duties you owe.

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